It's a jungle out there

Written by Mak Kum Shi
Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Coming to the Malaysian cinemas on the 12th of February 2008 is Geng the movie, an animated feature produced by Les' Copaque Production Sdn Bhd.

When something disturbs the peace of the Fallen Durian Village, the villagers spread a story about a scary creature which prowls the village at night, but no one dares to find out the truth of the matter. It is only when Badrol, Lim and their new friends stumble into the mystery unintentionally, that they make friends with an unusual creature from an unknown place, and start to explore the forests of Malaysia, full of wild creatures, including a giant mysterious snake.

The film features the natural beauty of flora and fauna in Malaysia, and that more information can be found on the movie at .

Mak Kum Shi
Writing on behalf of the Singapore ACM SIGGRAPH Chapter