special interest group for computer graphics

Who are we?

Singapore ACM SIGGRAPH Chapter (SSC) is the local group of:
ACM (Association for Computer Machinery)
SIGGRAPH (Special Interest Group for Computer Graphics)
The society, run exclusively by volunteers, was established in March 1998 to promote computer graphics in Singapore and its region. It is an interdisciplinary community interested in research, technology, and applications in computer graphics and interactive techniques. Members include developers and users from the technical, academic, business, and art communities.

The Chapter is operated exclusively for educational, scientific and artistic purposes. Its objectives are:
1. To promote an increased knowledge of and interest in the educational, scientific and artistic aspects and applications of modern computing in computer graphics.
2. To provide a means of communication between persons having an interest in computer graphics.
3. To support activities complementary to the ACM, SIGGRAPH, and other ACM and SIGGRAPH activities in Singapore.

We organize events such as seminars, conferences, exhibitions and courses, and serves as a resource centre for the latest information on computer graphics technologies.

Membership fee is $30 for voting member and $10 for student member per year. Membership rates as follow:

1 Year 2 Years 3 Years
Voting SGD 30 SGD 50 SGD 60
Student SGD 10 SGD 15 SGD 20