special interest group for computer graphics

Student Chapter

SIGGRAPH (Special Interest Group for Computer Graphics)
In addition to SINGAPORE ACM SIGGRAPH organisation's objectives, student chapters serve to:
1. promote SINGAPORE ACM SIGGRAPH among student cohorts at tertiary institutions in Singapore.
2. promote Computer Graphics and Interactive Media Techniques among tertiary students.
3. provide opportunities for tertiary students to network with working professionals and academia. Such networking opportunities will provide students with valuable insight to the industry and help them make informed career choices.

A student is defined as a person who is currently pursuing a full-time course in an approved local tertiary institution. Approved tertiary institution refers to all Ministry of Education (MOE) approved tertiary institutions.

1. Each student chapter will be hosted by- a local tertiary institution. All student chapters are affiliates to the Singapore registered organization, SINGAPORE ACM SIGGRAPH, and are not registered as separate entities.
2. For the formation of a student chapter, the following are required:
a. A minimum of 10 student members;
b. At least one staff appointed by the hosting institution as staff advisor;
c. A written approval by the approved hosting institution.
3. Each student chapter will elect their own management committee that comprises at least a staff advisor, a chair, a secretary, a treasurer, and committee members.
4. The student chapter chair, in consultation with the institution's staff advisor, will represent its chapter at SINGAPORE ACM SIGGRAPH Student Chapter Sub-committee meetings.
5. The management committee of each student chapter is required to submit in August each year a program and budget to the Student Chapter Sub-committee. This submission is for coordination and information. In addition, at the SINGAPORE ACM SIGGRAPH AGM in March each year, each student chapter will be required to submit an annual report.
6. For some events that deem beneficial to all student chapters, the organising student chapter can request for funding from the SINGAPORE ACM SIGGRAPH main committee. Such request can be submitted through the Student Chapter Sub-committee. Approval of such funding will be determined at the SINGAPORE ACM SIGGRAPH main committee level.
7. The funding of each student chapter is done through the collection of each student's individual membership fee of S$10 per annum or S$15 for two years' and S$20 for three years' membership.
8. Each student chapter management committee will manage, account, and audit its own funds and membership matters. Each chapter will use the standard SINGAPORE ACM SIGGRAPH membership template and the student chair will sign each membership cards. Lamination and distribution of such cards is the purview of the individual student chapter.

BENEFITS FOR HOSTING INSTITUTIONS Below are some of the benefits:
1. Prestige in associating with the world-renowned scientific organisation; ACM SIGGRAPH.
2. Access to the annual SIGGRAPH (USA) Electronic Theater compilations and world-class audio-visual and printed materials.
3. Access to a network of both local and overseas working professionals and academia.
4. Facilitation of the participating institution's student industrial attachments or employment opportunities through SINGAPORE ACM SIGGRAPH network.

BENEFITS FOR STUDENTS Below are some of the benefits:
1. Entitlement to free SINGAPORE ACM SIGGRAPH events and membership privilege rate at fee-paying events.
2. Membership discounts for SINGAPORE ACM SIGGRAPH endorsed events, seminars, and products offers.
3. Regular news and email announcements.

SINGAPORE ACM SIGGRAPH SUB-COMMITTEE ON STUDENT CHAPTER For the current term of appointment ending March 2003, the Student Chapter Sub-committee is chaired by Associate Professor. Chua Siew Keng (Nanyang Technological University) and vice chaired by Mr. Albert Lim (Nanyang Polytechnic). The main task of the Sub-committee is to promote the formation of SIGGRAPH student chapter amongst tertiary institutions in Singapore. It will assist, at the initial stages, the setting up of a new student chapter. It will also promote and coordinate activities across all student chapters. The Sub-committee will report to the SINGAPORE ACM SIGGRAPH's main committee.

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