Inaugural Motion Graphics/Broadcast Design, ACM SSC Gathering Singapore ACM SIGGRAPH Chapter cordially invite you to join us in our quest to build a community of like-minded individuals whose sole interest in joining the group is to improve on their current knowledge and abilities and to advance the art and craft of Motion Graphics/Broadcast Design.

Comgraph 2002 Awards Ceremony
Alias|Wavefront Maya course Outline of the Maya Course
Computer animated visual effects have exploded into the mainstream of the film, television, and video game industries over the last five years. The new digital toolsets can create photo realistic elements with greater flexibility and precision than their traditional counterparts; an ability which is expanding at an exponential rate. These tools are now represented at every major studio, from ILM and Square, to literally thousands of smaller studios worldwide.

The Maya course proposed by Dr Seah Hock Soon (Chairman of SIGGRAPH Singapore) is aimed to provide a form of 3D training package to SIGGRAPH members. Non-SIGGRAPH members who wished to participate in the Maya courses can sign up as a SIGGRAPH member. NTU Centre of Continuing Education is jointly advertising and taking care of logistics of the course. The venue for the Maya courses is located at CGIT (Centre for Graphics and Imaging Technology) and provides the necessary equipments and software for the courses.

Venue: NTU (Centre for Graphics and Imaging Technology)
Instructor: Kenneth Ching
Hardware: SGI Visual Workstation, Intergraph Computer Systems /w Maya software (v4.0 NT)

Miss Jolene Kum Foong Choon
C/o Nanyang Technological University
School of Computer Engineering
Blk N4, #2A-32, Nanyang Avenue
Singapore 639798

Phone: (65) 67905443
SComGraph 2002, Third Asia Pacific Digital Art and Animation Competition. "Where can I learn how to do computer animation?"
"How is this piece of art done?"
"They are really impressive!"
"I must send some entries to the competition."
"How can I contact the contributors of the works?"
"How can my company be involved in the sponsorship?"

It's all happening at ComGraph 2002,
Third Asia Pacific Digital Art and Animation Competition.

After the successes of ComGraph 2000 and 2001, Siggraph Singapore Chapter is glad to present ComGraph 2002. Each year animators and digital artists from this region gather to compete in this prestigious CG event. We accept all forms of computer generated works: digital animation in 2D and 3D and digital art. The deadline for entry is 30th April 2002. Please help to disseminate this information to as many people as possible.

Submission details:

Visit the ComGraph booth at BroadcastAsia2002 from 18 to 21 June to catch the screening of the animation finalists and view the digital art gallery.

Visit the Official Comgraph 2002 Website
ACM SIGGRAPH Roundtable 2002 An ACM SIGGRAPH delegation will be visiting Australia, New Zealand and Singapore from 19 March - 6 April. The delegation will include the President and Vice President of ACM SIGGRAPH (Judy Brown and Alan Chalmers), the ACM SIGGRAPH Director of Chapters, Thierry Frey and David Arnold representing ACM. You are invited to join us in the various meetings with them on Friday, 5 April 2002.

1000: Meeting with CG Academics
Session Chair: Lee Yong Tsui
(SIGGRAPH Singapore Chapter Vice-Chairman)
Speaker: Seah Hock Soon
(SIGGRAPH Singapore Chapter Chairman)
1200: Lunch

1400: Meeting with CG Industry and Government Agencies
Session Chair: Gunalan Nadarajan
(SIGGRAPH Singapore Chapter CyberArts Chair)
Speaker: David Kwok
(Singapore Animators Connection Chair)

1700: Summary and Planning Session with ACM SIGGRAPH Singapore Chapter

1830: Reception + Buffet Dinner
Specialist talk
Specialist talk
Tan Tiow Seng (NUS SoC Prof)

2100: End
Fourth Siggraph Singapore Chapter AGM Fourth Siggraph Singapore Chapter AGM
Date: Saturday, 23 March 2002
Venue: NTU Alumni Club House, 6th Floor
179 River Valley Road, River Valley Building
(Parking at Liang Court Shopping Centre is $3 per entry on Sat)

Agenda: 1.00 pm: Lunch (free for all members)
2.00 pm: Report by
- Chairman, SSC
- Treasurer, SSC
- Chair, ComGraph 2002
- Chair, Technical Conference
- Chair, CyberArts
- Chair, Education
- Chair, SAC
3.00 pm: Q&A and Discussion
3.30 pm: End

Come and help shape your society.

For catering purpose, please RSVP to Jolene Kum at by Monday, 19 March whether you will be attending.