SAGA Business Summit 2009

Written by Tng Tai Hou
Wednesday, 24 April 2009

SSC will be supporting the SAGA Business Summit 2009 to be held on 3rd and 4th July at Suntec Singapore. This summit is billed as The Business Gaming Conference for Asia Pacific. Organised by the Games Exchange Alliance, Singapore (GXA), the inaugural SAGA Business Summit 2009 has the vision of providing the gaming industry professionals a platform to better understand the business aspects of the gaming market. For the very first time, experts from the different fields will gather in Singapore for a 2 day seminar to share their views and insights on how the gaming business can work for you, as well as the potential of the emerging markets in Asia. SAGA will feature 7 distinguished speakers from around the world and delegates can expect to gain much from the 2 day sharing sessions.

Please visit the website for more details: